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The Student News Site of High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering

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The Student News Site of High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering

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PTA members at the Italian pasta table
Cuisine on the Quad
Ocean Hiller June 20, 2024

After school on Friday, June 7th, the PTA hosted the Cuisine on the Quad potluck. It was a beautiful event to close out the school year, with many parents, students, and faculty members filling the sunny Quad. Delicacies from all over the world were served, from Korean barbecue fried chicken to DIY...

Original Art by Emily Dow
Pirates and Piracy
Emily Dow May 15, 2024

Piracy has become a term synonymous with copyright infringement. But why? There’s no comparing a real, bonafide pirate to any person with internet...

Times Square traffic jam in New York City by joiseyshowaa on flickr
Congestion Pricing
April 10, 2024
Jackie and her brother, Daniel.
Smiling for Survivors
April 10, 2024
How Many HSMSE Students Actually Want to Pursue STEM?
How Many HSMSE Students Actually Want to Pursue STEM?
Addison Saji June 20, 2024

There is no doubt that HSMSE is a great school for, well, math, science, and engineering, but the New York City public school system is crafted in a way that forces 13 year olds to apply to extremely specialized schools far before the decision-making...

Art by Josh Robles
Mario Cuomo: The Governor With A Heart Afire
June 20, 2024

In American political culture, national politics tend to receive the most attention, which makes sense — this is what determines policy for our entire nation. For many Americans, state and local politics are simply not as exciting; in many states, one...

The girls’ softball team after their second round of playoffs at their home field.
A Spotlight on the Varsity Softball Team
Annalie Merkel June 20, 2024

Monday, June 3rd, 2024, marked the bittersweet end of the HSMSE girls softball season. The softball team demonstrated talent, dedication, and...

The Sports of HSMSE
Annalie Merkel June 20, 2024

  Over the 2023–24 school year, HSMSE’s 10 sports teams shared moments of joy, success, and celebration. As we write the last issue...

The Bronx Bombers
The Bronx Bombers
June 30, 2023
Original art by Jayden Cedano
Unmasking our Vulnerabilities: Lessons from LEGO Batman
Astrid Clayton June 20, 2024

“I don’t talk about feelings... I don’t have any, I’ve never seen one. I’m a night-stalking, crime-fighting vigilante, and a heavy-metal...

Original art by Emily Dow
I Was Late to Class Because...
Audrey Young and Annalie Merkel June 20, 2024

Many, many years ago, one of our teachers wrote an article in the MSE school newspaper featuring the excuses they’d heard as to why students...

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Congestion Pricing
Congestion Pricing
Brendan Hofmann May 28, 2024

Congestion pricing is coming to New York this June. Perhaps you’ve seen the posters on the subways declaring that congestion pricing will clean...

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A New Challenger Approaches: The Start of a Science Track at HSMSE
A New Challenger Approaches: The Start of a Science Track at HSMSE
Md Islam November 30, 2023

Our school moniker boasts a triquetra of mathematics, science, and engineering but hasn’t really lived up to its name — until recently. Just...

Math Track Monologue
Math Track Monologue
Kent He May 30, 2023

HSMSE offers three academic concentrations: Math, Engineering, and Sinai. Your classes in junior and senior year will depend on your choice of...

Original Art by Farah Dackour
The Sinai Spiel
Md Islam May 30, 2023

There's a running joke in our grade that the Sinai kids do nothing, or even worse: they play with children’s toys. I am here to admit that...

Collage by Orlena Fella with images from Charlotte Almond
Exposé on the Engineering Track
Aron Liu May 30, 2023

There comes a time when rising HSMSE juniors must decide the fate of the remainder of their high school career. This pertains mostly to their...

Eating Out at MSE
Lucas Dotoli November 30, 2023

Buying lunch off campus at HSMSE can be both stressful and complicated, especially for a new HSMSE student. There are over 35 restaurants, delis,...

Top Four Thanksgiving Pies
Top Four Thanksgiving Pies
Willow Mintz November 30, 2023

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of family and friends gathering to enjoy a meal and celebrating their love for one another. Everyone knows...

Original Art by Sanjida Sultana
Sunscreen and Ice Cream: Summer Go-Tos
Willow Mintz June 30, 2023

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? Is it an emotion? An item? The feeling of the warm breeze in your hair?...

Original Art by Samuel Desilva
Health at HSMSE
Jayden Cedano June 30, 2023

Many times throughout the school year I’ve told myself that I should eat healthier. But just as quickly as the idea comes, I buy yet another...

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