Five Moras

Five Moras

Mister Mora just might be the most notorious teacher in this school. Even people who don’t have Spanish know him for the funny quips he makes to passing students in the halls. But there is a dark secret to Mister Mora, or should I say the five Moras? Yeah, that’s right, there are multiple Moras in the school. It may sound ridiculous, but the evidence is overwhelming.


Many people have suspicions on the case of the multiple Moras. When asked about the subject, Mister Trimargo said “I always noticed subtle differences in Mora every day. His appearance, his personality, even his hair. It was very strange.” Mister Salisburgy added, “Mora seems like a different person every day, it’s very weird.” When Mister Shymin was asked about the topic, he just remained silent. Very strange…


Students have also noticed strange differences in Mora every day. “You know, every so often, Mora would just make us learn words and verbs that don’t even exist in Spanish. How would I know? I don’t, I have no idea how to speak Spanish, but it kind of seems that way” an anonymous student reported. Another student commented, while hiding in the bushes, that “Mora’s hair changes length over time. Some days he has a little bit of hair, and other days, he’s completely bald and other days he sports curly red hair”.


When interviewing Mora four different times about his thoughts on our suspicions, he gave us four different responses. At 8 am before the first period, he said “Can one of those clones pick my nose?” Later, right after lunch he simply shouted “Of course I know the clone. He’s you.” Then, “I am your clone,” and finally, “Get back to work, Paco!” Though interesting, these responses didn’t help us crack the case.


By listening to the accounts of dozens of students and teachers, we have identified these five versions of Mora and the traits they share. The first clone has a ever so slightly droopy ear (we here at the Echo nicknamed him Floppy), the second only wears red sweaters and nothing else (nicknamed Default Mora), the third clone is completely 100% bald (nicknamed Dome), the fourth doesn’t know any spanish at all and is only pretending (nicknamed Evil Mora), and as for the fifth…we have no idea.


The clones are very different, but have similar enough mannerisms and appearances to seem the same on the surface. The only version which seriously differs from the rest is Evil Mora. At first we were worried that by not knowing Spanish as a Spanish teacher, Evil Mora would do significant harm to the Spanish classes, but he only comes in every so often, so the damage is mitigated, for the most part. 


Upon further research, we traced back the entire Mora lineage to a bizarre incident in 1997, exactly 26 years ago. In the “Preshavarzo” laboratory on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, an experiment was conducted on an unsuspecting teacher from Spain, who was promised the chance to finally be able to get a rest from having to constantly teach unruly kids. This man was cloned 5 times, but immediately afterward, the five clones broke loose and set off into the night. They lived on the streets for years, taking up odd jobs and terrifying small children, but eventually they were all drawn to a school in Upper Manhattan operating out of a decrepit old building that was used by CCNY for storage. It was called… HSMSE.


After finding out about all of this, how could we not confront one of the Moras about it? We immediately headed to room 101 to ask Mora, sporting a red sweater, about the fact that he’s just a clone. And this time, with all the evidence on hand, he couldn’t just dismiss us. After thinking for precisely three seconds, he said, “Yes it’s true, and honestly, I’m grateful I’m just one of five clones. I don’t know how one person could deal with all of the rowdy kids in this class who talk while I try to teach!” We nodded our heads sincerely. We then proceeded to ask, who even is the fifth Mora clone? We never managed to identify them. Mora chuckled “The fifth clone? Why, he’s none other than Mr. Shymin.”

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