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Girls’ Softball Updates


Update 2: April 18th 2024

Is the PSAL Underestimating the Power of The Dragons??

Leading up to the April 5th game against Bayard Rustin Educational Complex, the ECHO wrote about the team’s incredible performance in their season opener. Between their game on the 27th and the 5th, the girls had two rainouts leading up to a clear day, and the team was excited for their first home game to secure their 2-0 record. They walked away with an 11-0 win featuring pitching by Rebecca Rha who was returning for the first time since last season, Cara Huang for her first hit of the season, and powerful hits by Emily Dow, Charlotte Lecomte, and Rebecca Rha.

On Monday the 8th, not only did we get to see an eclipse, but the girls team got a 17-4 win against Murry Bergtraum. What wasn’t mentioned in the Instagram posts and the School Announcements was the immediate 11 runs scored in the first inning. The Dragons ran through their entire line up before seeing two outs. While this performance was very impressive by the team, it became clear that the level of competition was not what was expected. Murry Bergtraum ended the game after the third inning, prior to the mercy rule. The Dragons went home thrilled by the win, and simultaneously hoping for more competition in the future of the season. The game demonstrated great improvement for The Dragons, including plays and hits by the whole team, especially Liana Weissman, Isabella Martinez, Annalie Merkel, Jane Ruben, and Maya Grauer.

The girls continued their winning streak on Tuesday. They played a home game against Chelsea Career and Technical Education. Bringing in fans, this game was not only another win, 16-1, but it also featured great performances all around. On Wednesday the girls played again at home and walked away with a 21-1 win against George Washington.

Some MSE students see the instagram posts and have asked why the softball team is winning by such a large gap? While I’d love to write that Ms. Downey has created a perfect team, there is always room for improvement. We are still learning and building skills. In all honesty, we believe that it comes down to the PSAL. While The Dragons won their division last season, we have been underestimated by the PSAL and not up against teams that challenge our potential. Due to school size and other factors, the competition we are expected to see this season is not what we had wished to face, or what will allow our team to continue to get stronger.

As the team looks to the playoffs that will come at the end of May, they anticipate many more games like the ones so far this season. Although this situation is unfortunate for the necessary practice needed, we are excited to make the best of these opportunities. It gives The Dragons a chance to show the teams and the PSAL our talent. The dedication of the players is one that is unique to our team and school, that will take us all the way to the third championship, leading all MSE sport teams.


Update 1: April 3rd 2024

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 marks the first day of the Girls HSMSE softball season. With three weeks of preparation and a transition from winter to spring sports, how have the girls prepared for this season?

Starting in the fall, Captain Liana Weissman (‘25) helped to run the softball club, which is designed as an opportunity for returning players to prepare for the season and to attract, teach, and recruit new players. After weeks of morning practices and intense tryouts in the gym, the dedicated team was chosen on March 9th. It’s composed of 3 seniors, 3 juniors, 7 sophomores, 3 freshmen, and their devoted coach Ms. Downey.

On March 19th, the girls played against Hunter College High School in a scrimmage. While their jerseys are very similar, HCHS is a AAA team in Manhattan and MSE is in the division below. Despite how daunting this scrimmage may have seemed, the Dragons’ demonstration of talent and desire was clear. In addition to their impressive 13-12 win, the team demonstrated significant improvements from last year: Liana Weissman pitched the whole game, the first after her ACL injury last spring. Isabella Martinez (26’) spent the whole game behind the plate, and Cara Huang (‘27) and Clodagh Finucane (‘26) both started in their first game and made many great plays, including Clodagh’s game-winning catch in center field.

On C-Day, the softball team ran out with their gorgeous poster, further hyping themselves and others up for their season opener on Wednesday, which they won 8-6 against Manhattan Center for Science & Math. Both teams brought out their strongest pitchers, creating an intense and exciting game. Following a couple of 3 up 3 down on defense, the Dragons were able to secure the win with a hard hit grounder to Rebecca at shortstop which she played to third for the final out. The game also featured strong hits by Isabella Martinez and Liana Weissman in addition to strong base running by Jane Ruben, Fatima Ndiongue, Maya Grauer, Annalie Merkel, and Rebecca Rha.

After the 4-day weekend, the Dragons are preparing for a busy week. Show your school spirit and cheer them on at their first home game, at Jacob Schiff Playground, on Friday, April 5th!!

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