Seniors During the Tug of War
Seniors During the Tug of War
Ikbal Agbagni

A C-Day Full of Surprises

C-day started like any other, but just 20 minutes into the event, there were already many surprises! With the display of HSMSE’s dance team, a new cheer team* immediately sparked excitement in the crowd.


Alongside that, when the teams were still standing after the pep rally, one senior was surprised with a scholarship. Mr. Dolcy specifically introduced Kehaploy Kamonpanyakul, a member of the softball team and co-captain of the girls soccer and basketball teams. Three marines from the Recruiting Sub Station Gotham along with Captain Cavalcanti, an executive officer of the New York Marine Corps Recruiting Station, strode out in uniform to award a movie-sized check to Kehaploy. Her accomplishments were accredited by Captain Cavalcanti, as Kamonpanyakul was awarded the Marines ROTC scholarship, which will fund her full tuition at Penn State. Captain Cavalcanti commended Kamonpanyakul’s commitment over the past few months at the Marines recruiting office, not only in physical fitness tests, but in helping her peers as a squad leader and tutor. This surprise announcement left us all in awe of her immense drive and dedication.


The Intergrade Olympics themselves also held many surprises for the observers. In the student sports each class faced off in basketball, soccer, and volleyball games. When it came to tug-of-war the freshmen dominated! In a large display of school spirit seniors beat the sophomores, and freshmen beat the juniors with their vastly larger class size. And when it finally came for freshmen to go against the seniors, the freshmen quickly out tugged our school’s oldest. After winning it was even noted that one particular freshman did do the flossing Fortnite emote, really demonstrating the win. Altogether, in terms of points, the seniors won this Intergrade Olympics and the freshmen came second, with juniors following in third leaving the sophomores last.

Overall, this was a very exciting C-day that was not only entertaining but also motivational. Change and greatness are among us at HSMSE, whether through esteemed individuals or school spirit bringing you a win in tug-of-war.


*Anyone interested in cheering on our sports teams can talk to Ms. Downey and ask questions about joining the official cheer squad.

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